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2015-16 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2015-16 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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WS 350 - Women in Literature

Credits: 3

Prerequisite: EN 101  and a 200-level English course or permission of the Department Chair of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy

This course introduces students to both traditional stereotypes of women in literature and new ways to analyze literature by and about women. Using introductory feminist critical texts, students will learn to focus on what literature says and implies about women: their nature, their roles, their place in society. Readings may include works by Austen, George Eliot, the Brontes, Flaubert, Woolf, Stein, Welty, Atwood, Walker, Rich, and others.

Also Listed as: EN 350 
Note: Elementary Education majors with an English concentration and English with Teacher Certification majors must take this course as an EN course.

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