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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, Add-on Certifications

Add-On Certification By Institutional Endorsement:

Individuals who possess a teaching license may add the institutional endorsements listed below by completing the appropriate program of studies. For institutional endorsement add-ons, all courses must be taken at MUW and no course substitutions are allowed. These programs are being reviewed by the Mississippi Department of Education and may change prior to the printing of the next catalog.

Total: 21 Semester Hours

Total: 21 Semester Hours


(may only be added to a license in Biology, Kinesiology/PE, or Family & Consumer Sciences)

Total: 12 Semester Hours

Physical Science:

(may only be added to a license in Biology, General Science, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth Science)

Total: 16 Semester Hours

Total: 12 Semester Hours


*recommended choices

Add-On Certification by Mississippi Department of Education Routes:

Add-on certification may also be added for some teaching fields by completing 21 semester hours of content in the discipline or by passing the Praxis II – Specialty Area test in the discipline. See the Mississippi Department of Education web site for details.

Add-On Certifications at the Graduate Level

MUW also offers the Add-On Certification in Reading/Literacy and in Gifted Studies with the completion of 15 hours of graduate classes. See the current Graduate Bulletin for information on these programs.